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About Us
Our CatteryAbout Us
About Us
Our Mission
Welcome to Noble Manes Cattery – We are glad you are here!
We are a family centric cattery located in the high desert of Los Angeles County, established in 2018. We breed the European Bloodlines of the Maine Coon Cat Breed and are registered with both TICA and CFA. Each of our kittens will be eligible for dual registration in both of these organizations.
We strive daily to excel in the care of our furbabies and grow our knowledge of this most incredible breed. We participate in The International Cat Association’s voluntary Code of Ethics program and have our cattery inspected yearly by our veterinarian.
We are first and foremost cat people and have had cats throughout our lives. Our cats are family and live the best lives we can possibly give them. From high quality food, daily play and exercise, regular vet checkups, brushing and snuggles, our lives revolve around our cats.
Our Cattery – A History
Our introduction to this incredible breed began as pet parents to two adorable Maine Coon brothers, Copper and Sterling. At the time of their adoption into our home we had recently experienced the loss of two furbabies; Hisser from old age at 17 years old, and Carson from complications resulting from a tragic accident. These two little kittens with all their love and devotion, helped us to heal and find joy again in our lives.
As time progressed, so did our fascination with this breed; their personality, their size, their playfulness, their dog-like qualities, everything about them. We joined Facebook groups, shared Instagram photos, and become good friends with breeders and pet parents around the world. During that process we stumbled upon, what we now know as, the European Bloodline. These European Cats are larger, bolder, more exotic, and have the most amazing wild look to them. As soon as we saw our first picture; we were hooked, and within a few weeks we were meeting our first European Maine Coon kitten Graph at the airport.
One kitten lead to another and pretty soon we had 4 imported cats. It was this snowball effect that solidified the little voice that had been whispering in our minds for many months to take the leap of faith and start our little cattery. We look forward to this journey and introducing our little ones to new families around the world; so they too can be blessed with the greatness that is a Maine Coon!