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Adoption Process
Our CatteryAdoption Process
Adoption Process
Ready to Adopt?
The following outlines the steps in our adoption process. We have automated a number of the steps utilizing technology integrated into our website, if this automation causes you concern or you consider yourself “non tech savvy” we would be happy to walk you through the process, or complete those steps on your behalf. Modifications to the overall process or individual steps may be made at any time, and without notice, as determined by the breeder for the health and wellbeing of the animals or to comply with local/state/federal guidelines and/or restrictions; review our current polices and restrictions on the following page: Covid Updates.
If at anytime you have questions, or feel overwhelmed, please reach out to us using any of the following options: Contact Us Form, by email at [email protected], by phone at 844.NOB.MANE.
Interest List Questionnaire
Our adoption process starts with your submission of our questionnaire. We use this form to get to know you and your family, and for an overview of what you are looking for in a kitten. We want only the best for our little ones and this information is requested for screening our future fluffy families. If you’re ready to jump aboard and take this journey with us; you can start by filling out The Questionnaire.
Follow Up Interview
Upon review of your completed questionnaire we will contact you by phone for a follow-up interview. At this time we will review your submitted answers, discuss our upcoming litter plans, and you may ask any questions of us.
For adopters outside of the United States we may conduct this interview by Skype, language permitting, or by email, at our discretion.
Adoption Approval
If we feel you and your family would be a good fit for adoption of one of our fur-babies you will be placed on our waitlist. During this time we will be in contact by text message to keep you updated on our cattery and the upcoming litters.
Litter Announcement
We will announce to our waitlist families the arrival of a new litter. This information will not be made public until the kittens are placed on our website at 3 weeks of age.
Litter Review
You may review the kittens of a litter starting at 3 weeks of age when their details and photos have been added to our website. You can find information about our current and future litter plans on the following page: Our Litters.
Not all kittens from a litter may be available for public adoption, Noble Manes Cattery reservers the right to first selection for addition to our breeding program, as well as breeder inquires from our partner catteries. A kitten may also be withheld for a number of reasons, including for the health and welfare of the kitten; at the sole discretion of the breeder. If a specific kitten is no longer available an Image Banner Message will be shown.
Adoption Authorization Code
An Adoption Authorization Code is required to complete the online adoption process. Individuals & Families on our waitlist will receive a code via text message when it is their turn to reserve a kitten.
Kitten Selection
Kitten selection is handled entirely through our website on the kitten details page for your selected kitten. On this page, and using your adoption authorization code, you will start the checkout process which will collect your 25% deposit and confirm your scheduled payment plan. Details of your completed order will be emailed to you.
Our payment plan is administered by and includes a 7% transaction fee. This option is provided to give you the ability to payout your kitten purchase with a deposit at 4 weeks of age followed by 8 equal weekly payments. You may, at your discretion make a larger downpayment or pay in full.
Contract Signing
During the checkout process a sales contract for the adoption of a kitten will automatically be generated. You will sign this contract digitally and a copy of your signed contract will be emailed to you as a pdf file. You may also access a copy of the signed contract from your Documents section of your My Account page. You can find information about our contracts on the following page: Adoption Contract.
Kitten Updates
You will receive updates via text message with information about the progress of your kittens growth and development. These updates will include photos and videos so that you may start the bonding process and be intimately connected to your new fur-baby.
Cattery Visitation
You may visit your kitten at our cattery once the kitten is at least 6 weeks of age. These visits must be scheduled in advance to ensure we have the time set aside for you to spend with your fur-baby.
Kitten Pick Up Day
At 14 weeks of age or later (provided Mom and Kitten are ready) you may pick up your new fur-baby from our home in Lancaster, California. At this time a new kitten package will be given to you that will include copies of all your kittens paperwork, food and treats, new toys and a special snuggle blanket.
All documents in digital format will also be available from your Documents section of your My Account page.
US Shipping
Our first preference is for you to pick up your new fur-baby in person. This will provide you the opportunity to visit our cattery, meet the kittens parents and is the least stressfully way for the kitten to transition into their new household. Shipping may be arranged on a case-by-case basis and is not included in the price of the kitten. You can find information about shipping on the following page: Shipping Policy.
International Shipping
International shipping is highly regulated and will require additional paperwork and/or animal quarantine. It is our policy that no kitten may be shipped outside of the United States until they are at least 16 weeks of age. We will make every effort to assist in the coordination of international shipping, but ultimately it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that they are in compliance with the laws and regulations of their home country.
All international shipping will be coordinated and arranged through a licensed member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). Fees for any tests, certificates, vaccinations, or other required protocols are the responsibility of the Buyer. Furthermore Buyer is responsible for costs associated with extended boarding as required to complete any import testing or requirements.